V-Art classic portrait of Jewish rabbis and Jerusalem paintings






Portraits from photos

Jerusalem painting modern 

Jerusalem painting old style

Portraits  of  rabbis gallery 1

portraits of  rabbis gallery 2


original oil  painting  of the former president of Israel

Rabbi Kanevsky

oil portrait from photos of rabbi  Lubavitch

 oil portrait of rabbi Morduhai  Iliyahu

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 Art classic old style oil  portraits of Jewish rabbis and Jerusalem paintings were exhibited by world famous  galleries. Artist  paints Jewish rabbi oil portraits from photo and origin. Judaica , paintings and  mosaics were made by one of the famous  artists painting portraits -  artist Vladimir.                    

 Self-Portrait of the Artist  from origin                     

A r t i s t  V l a d i m i r  was born in Moscow . He is one of the  portrait painting artists specializing in old style classic portrait and especially in classic portraits of  Jewish rabbis . He has got high education in two fields:  the first one-in Physics (Moscow Physical Technical institute) and the second one-in Art (Art college in Moscow). Learning Torah gave him new ideas for creating old style mosaics. He made some oil  portrait paintings of  famous  Jewish rabbis  and religious Jews. Vladimir was  painting  portraits of  famous Israeli leaders: President of Israel , the  Prime Minister of Israel Netanyahu, Jewish  politicians and chief rabbis, views of Jerusalem. Vladimir's classic portraits and  rabbis portrait paintings can be found in  the famous picture galleries, famous  collections, religious Jews and Jewish rabbis and also in the palaces of the Kings (for example-the portrait of the King of  Morocco -Heissan 2) among  famous pictures of the great masters . The  color of his classic paintings (Princess of Wales Diana portrait) blends and proportions are  reminiscent of some of the  old classic  masters styles.  But sometimes the artist changes the style and colors from classic painting to modern  style using bright and colorful palette:


Portrait of musician Rostropovich



You may  visit the following galleries, exhibiting Jewish rabbis portraits: (rabbis gallery1) (rabbis gallery2) and Jerusalem oil paintings:   (Jerusalem paintings modern)   (Jerusalem paintings old style)  and  (mosaics)

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  poster "Jewish musicians in Jerusalem"  

 portraits of  children

" Old Jew at the market"


    Art exhibitions:

 1987-89    4 exhibitions in Moscow; (portrait painters exhibitions)

 1992    Group exhibition all over USA (The first Artists exhibition in USA)

  1994    Art-Expo  New-York


Pictures exhibited at Art-Expo New-York 94

Classic portraits  from  photos or from origin! Judaica! Portrait paintings of children and women,  rabbis portraits. Best quality portrait paintings from photos and life

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